Baby Dress from Up-Cycled T-Shirt

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 1:57 PM

Here's a dress I whipped up for the baby from an old up-cycled adult sized t-shirt.
(Excuse the horrible pictures, she will not stand still for 2 seconds! Click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

I got the idea, here: Click

Cut the sleeves off a t-shirt at the seams, cut the underarm seam of the sleeve.
Then, cut the t-shirt up the sides and cut apart at the shoulder seams, or if you're lucky or have an older baby, it might be possible to leave the neck and shoulders intact.
If your logo is very large and/or high up on the shirt, you would want to use the diagram I linked to, by having a bodice separate from the skirt to make better use of the logo.

I used a pattern I already had - Simplicity "It's So Easy" pattern # 2684.

and since the t-shirt is stretchy, (the pattern did not call for stretch fabric), I omitted the back seam and button closure and simply cut the back piece on the fold, just like the front.

I used the sleeve pattern and lined up the marking on the pattern piece for hemming the sleeve with the edge of the t-shirt sleeve that was already hemmed! So that made the sleeves a step easier! Then I omitted the elastic for the sleeve. (However, with the already hemmed sleeve edge, I could have easily fed elastic into it. I just didn't want to.)

So basically, all I had to do was
1. sew the front to the back at the side seams and the shoulder seams,
2. gather the top edge of the sleeve, then sew it to the armhole edge,
3. then hem the armhole, neck, and bottom of the dress.

It only took me about an hour!

A cute dress that didn't cost me anything!

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5 Responses to “Baby Dress from Up-Cycled T-Shirt”

  1. # Blogger Rachel

    So CUTE and my daughter looks so cute in it!!Thanks G-ma!  

  2. # Blogger Bend Beanies

    Heee! Wait till she get bigger & she comes home in some outfits I have planned for her!
    Ha-ha! Bad Grandma!  

  3. # Blogger Christine

    That is so stinkin' cute! What a great way to recycle.

    ♥ xtine  

  4. # Blogger Fightin' Mad Mary

    so cute!!  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm a "over again" Mama, I have a 3 & half year old and I'm over 50. This is a inpiring way to pass down clothes from older brothers! LOL But I love these quick to do ideas. Thanks  

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